private paint parties

(This service is available in the Boston and select surrounding areas only)

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Why host private paint parties?

Of all catering events in big cities, private paint parties is a newer phenomenon. It provides a more active involvement of attendees rather than the passive consumption of watching one or another type of entertainer. Paint night events have become popular in the Boston area, and generally costs $45 per person plus food and drinks, which generally end up being around $90 per person per night out, not including the hassle of traveling to the space to share an art instructor with 30+ other people. 

Reserving your own painting session doesn't need to be for a party or event. It can be as simple as having a few friends over to entertain for a few hours over the weekend. There's no traveling, and you have the convenience of sharing your own vintage with friends right at home. There's no previous experience or material required. The material and a private instructor will come to you, instead of the other way around. 

Where can I have the paint session?

An appropriate paint session space should not have carpeted flooring. I will have plastic sheets available for covering necessary spaces, however a hard surface is better, as the requester will be responsible for the maintenance of the space itself. The easels used for these sessions are table-top easels, so please make sure that there is enough table space for the amount of people you plan to host. Plan for roughly a 2' x 2' table space for each attendee. You can use multiple tables. If you live in a community, it may be a good idea to ask your community manager if you can use the common area in your community, or if the community itself can host the event.


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What comes with the reservation?

- I will travel to and from your location
- I will arrive ahead of time to set up easels and material in the space
- Step by step paint along instructions during the entire event. No previous experience necessary!
- Paint and brushes will be provided for the session
- 1 pre-stretched canvas will be included per person. Keep your paintings after!
- Beginner experience level sessions are 1.5-2 hrs and are done on 11" x 14" Canvases (All corporate & community events)
- Intermediate level sessions are more complex and require 3-4 hour sessions, and are only available to non-corporate/community type reservation upon request. These are done on 14" x 16" canvases.
- Up to 1 hour of set-up and break down time is included for free with booking of events 4 hours or longer.

What does it Cost to make a reservation?

Each event is different and cost is based on a variety of factors including the travel distance to your place, number of attendees (material) and event time length. My standard rates for small private events with a set number of attendees are as follows. This rate table is most appropriate for small private single session events with friends and family.

- Travel, Gas & Tolls: $40/hr with 1 hour minimum. (travel in 30min increments)
- Event length: $85/hr for the first 2 hours (2 hour minimum per event), $55/hr for each hour after.
- Number of attendees (canvases): $ 8 per person.
   Additional spots(attendee/canvas) can be purchased on-site (cash & credit cards)

For example, if you are reserving the paint party event for 3 hours for a birthday party where 5 people will be painting, where my travel time will be 30 minutes each way. The cost of the event will be: 40 + (85+85+55) + (8 x 5) = $305. 


Corporate & Community Events (No headcount)

For larger scale corporate and community events that does not have a specific headcount for attendees, below are tiered all inclusive pricing for such events:
(Pricing does not include travel. All material and additional canvases included, each attendee can attend repeat sessions. These are back to back sessions throughout the day and event attendees can drop-in and start painting at any available station. There is a 3 hour minimum for the event reservation)

1-5 Easel stations: $125/hr for the first hour, $85 for each additional hour after the first hour
6-10 Easel stations: $175/hr for the first hour, $135 for each additional hour after the first hour
11-15 Easel stations: $225/hr for the first hour, $165 for each additional hour after the first hour



(Not including travel time)

Art Patron Club: 20% off each reservation after the 1st event. To qualify select customer must reserve and host 1 paint session minimum per calendar month.

Friends of Art Club: 15% Off each reservation. To join and remain in the "Friends of Art" club, refer 1 new qualified customer each calendar month that has not hosted a painting session. The referral must have booked and completed a session before the discount can be applied to your next booking.

5+ Hour Events: 10% off event portion of the price. 



Cancelation must be made at least 3 days prior to the date booked for a refund. If booking was paid by check, there is no additional transaction fee for refund. If booking was made by credit card, there is a 3.5% transaction fee that may be charged from the refund amount if this was incurred by 3rd party for the transaction. Cancelation made less than 3 days from the event date are subject to a $50 convenience fee. By booking a paint session you are agreeing to said cancelation and refund policy, as well as items listed in the disclaimer section below.


The artist and owner of this site, in providing the paint party service, does not provide any food or drink items consumed at any of the events. The individual or entity who books and hosts the event agrees to be responsible for any damages occurring during the event on-site, holds appropriate insurance, and releases artist from any and all liability. The appropriate party representing the individual or entity booking the event agrees to sign a liability waver prior to the start of the event.